Dairy Farm Tours

Adults and Teenagers


Children (under 13)




The Shailers own a typical New Zealand dairy farm in the prosperous Waikato region. Charlie and Dianna Shailer have retired and the farm is managed and operated by their son Gavin and daughter-in-law Anna. They calve three hundred and eighty cows each year, milking the cows for about ten months from mid-July to mid-May.

Charlie and Dianna offer informative tours of the farm at 9am or 3pm for in-house guests only. If guests wish to see and be involved in the milking they need to choose the 3pm tour. Each tour is designed to suit the unique needs of the guests and is influenced by the seasonal activities at the time. Farm Tours take approximately 1.5 hours, with the options of riding in a farm vehicle or enjoying a leisurely walk. Pre-booking is essential.