Mount Maunganui

Travel Time

80 minutes

Mount Maunganui is situated at the entrance to Tauranga Harbour. It is a major stopping place for cruise ships in the South Pacific. From the base of the volcano Mauao, a white sand surf beach stretches as far as the eye can see.

“The Mount” is the colloquial name for Mount Maunganui, a relaxed beach town that occupies a peninsula at the southern end of Tauranga Harbour. The peninsula is actually a huge sandbar, with a sheltered bay on the inner harbour side and a magnificent surf beach on the ocean side.

At the very tip of the peninsula is a dormant volcano – Mauao – which rises to 230 metres above sea level. There’s a choice of tracks leading to the summit, some more challenging than others. Huge views of the harbour, beach and Pacific Ocean make the effort totally worthwhile. The loop track at the base is equally as beautiful to walk with constant views of the harbour, the harbour entrance and the Pacific Ocean. A leisurely walk of 40 minutes.